Klinger Studios

Garden Art

SOLD Blue Mermaid, clay, patinas, 16.5"H x 17"W x 9"D

If taken inside during winter - our garden art may be used indoors or outdoors. We will be adding to this line-- please check back often!

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Garden Totems
Mixed and matched, alone or together--these modular totems will add fun, color and whimsy to any garden. Make them tall, make them short--or just use a head. Stake them in the ground or in a large clay pot for your patio! More coming soon!

Cat and Doll Totems, average $100 each; Heads: $30; other parts: $25 each. Rebar not included.

Blue Cat Totem

2 Heads to choose from (rabbit sold)

SOLD Rabbit Head, 10"H x 9.5"W

Amanita Mushroom sculpture (can also be fountain), $800, with Standing Male Torso (sold)

Pan Offering, detail

Garden Faces

These faces are great for indoor or outdoor garden rooms. They are available in a variety of finishes. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and choices!

Gargoyle 1, clay, underglazes, 12"H x 13"W x 3"D, $75

Gargoyle 2, clay, underglazes, 11"H x 13"W x 5"D, $75

Gargoyle 3, clay, underglazes, 11"H x 13"W x 3"D, $75

Buddha 2, clay, glaze, gold leaf, 12"H x 10"W, $75

Buddha, clay, iron oxide, bronze glaze, gold leaf, 8" diam., $75

SOLD - Mini-Green Man, clay, iron oxide, gold leaf, 9"H

All artwork, designs, and photographic images on this web site are original and subject to copyright laws.  Copyright 2003.  All Rights Reserved. Thank you for respecting this. 

Garden Goddesses
These goddesses will bring you birds, butterflies, and beauty--making any spot in your garden special. They can also hang from your garden wall. More coming soon!

SOLD Seed Goddess, brown clay, ferns, stain, underglazes, can stand on a rod or hang, 22"H x 3.5"W

Seed Goddess, detail

SOLD Water Goddess, red clay, iron oxide, paint, gold leaf; stands on a rod or hangs, 25"H x 2.5"W

Water Goddess, detail

Pan Offering, clay, patinas, approx. 18" x 7" x 7", $300